Resources on Climate Change

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  • CLEAN- The Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network, National Science Digital Library Provides a collection of reviewed and annotated online resources, along with teaching tips that review the importance of specific climate and energy concepts and how to address misconceptions and common confusion about these complex topics.
  • Climate Change for EducatorsFind free online resources, including an Educator's Guide, activities, interactives, essays, and reference lists.

  • Climate Change: Fitting the Pieces Together
(Free Registration Required.) Two hour course that provides a basic overview of climate change science and answers to questions about climate change.

  • Climate 101, The Essential Principles of Climate Literacy
Presents information for individuals and communities to understand Earth’s climate, impacts of climate change, and approaches for adapting and mitigating change.

  • EPA Climate Change sites
    • Overview of climate information, relevant climate topics, frequent questions,
  • Create a New Climate for Action: learn to take action in your community
  • NOAA Ocean Service Education
Provides resources for teachers, students (grade levels 3-5; 6-12), lesson plans, curriculum
  • NASA: Goddard Institute for Space Studies: Institute on Climate and PlanetsThese lessons and modules are driven by fundamental questions and topics scientists deal with in climate and environmental research.

  • National Geographic: A Way Forward: Facing Climate ChangeExplore the impact of climate change and learn what scientists suggest in response in this short documentary film. Also explore other videos related to climate change.

  • Secretaria de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sustentable - Argentina
Resources in Spanish on the topic of climate change.

  • Scholastic Weather Watch
Classroom activities to learn about weather events

  • World View of Global Warming – a photographic documentation of climate change
  • WWF site - Climate Change Impacts in Colombia

  • WWF Brasil – Climate Change